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HTML (standard) website SEO: from $400!

FLASH® website SEO: from $600!

  • One time fee - no monthly maintenance!
  • Follow-up included, until changes recorded by search engine.
  • No outsourcing! All work done in the USA.
  • Proven results! See our Testimonials page.

Watch out! Some ‘specialists’ that promise to get your website to the top of the search results are attempting to achieve it by using "gimmicks" such as adding keyword-rich text to your website in "invisible" letters (white color type over white background) and/or making the type so small that it cannot be read by the site's visitor.
On the other hand, the goal of search engines, such as Google™, Yahoo™ and others, is to bring to their users the most relevant search results, and the use of such tricks defy this goal. Therefore, search engines developed sophisticated methods to reveal websites that use such tactics and once they find them, those websites are "blacklisted" and excluded from search results.

There are several valid ways to improve your website. There is no "turn key" solution. We will not promise you search results placement without first evaluating why your website ranks where it ranks now. The scope of work and the anticipated ranking of your site after we better it, depend on several factors:
   1. Your website's current ranking in search results
   2. Your website construction and content (is improving your ranking feasible?)
   3. How good are websites that scored better then yours?

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