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PPC campaigns on Long Island and entire USA Search Engine Optimization, SEO on Long Island and entire USA SEO on Long Island and entire USA

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns:

Pay-Per-Click advertising (Sponsor ads on Search Engine results page, like Google AdWords™ and Microsoft's Bing Ads™ which covers Yahoo! search and Bing) is a fast, cost-effective way to advertise your business on the internet. You only pay when the viewer of your ad "clicks" on it and is taken to your website. You control your expense by setting a daily budget and marking the geographical area of users to whom your ad will be shown.
We will setup the campaign for you and prepare hundreds of "keyword phrases" (phrases that when the user searches for them, your ad is displayed), setup geographic targeting (where you want your ads to appear). We will monitor your campaign and adjust your bids (you bid against other advertisers for your ad placement) to get you the most clicks for your budget.
We will also select "negative keywords" so that, for example, if you are a locksmith and somebody is searching for "locksmith job" or "locksmith school", your ad will NOT be displayed in this case.

How much does it cost?

Google™ Adwords: Account setup and first month monitoring: $350, (receive $100 credit from Google™). $250 per month thereafter.
MSN™ & Yahoo™ Bing Ads: Account setup: $0 (when setting up together with Adwords).
Note! Google Credit amount may have changed. Prices are as of 11/2015.

Here is what you get :

  • Account setup of up to 3 different campaigns
  • Campaigns building - keywords selection, ads, negative keywords, targeting.
  • No contract
  • No minimum period
  • You get access to the campaign and may participate
  • You pay Google/MSN directly
  • Telephone support during business hours (Eastern time)

We will monitor the campaign for you, adjust your bids for best performance and least expense for you, respond to alerts and emails from the providers (such as Editorial Reviews and billing problems).

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Why work with us?

No gimmicks, no hidden fees: We will get your campaign running as promised. After we receive the payment, you may take control of your campaign, or if you prefer, we will monitor it for you.

Personal touch: We are not an anonymous internet portal. You will be dealing with a real, U.S. based, professionals.