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PPC campaigns on Long Island and entire USA Search Engine Optimization, SEO on Long Island and entire USA SEO on Long Island and entire USA

You had invested thousands of $$$ in your website.
It looks great. Everyone loves it... But...

How is your Return On Investment? Will your website ever make money for you?

Here is how we can Better Your Website:
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Free Website Traffic Analysis and Consultation:

Where do visitors go when they view your website and why are they not buying?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

More and more of your potential customers are using web-search to locate businesses. Is your website "search engine friendly"? Does your website appear on the first or second page of search results?

SEO and HTML Content for Flash Website:

Your Flash website doesn't appear in search result? Blank page or error message is all you see on iPhone and other mobile devices? We have the solution!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns:

Pay-Per-Click advertising (Sponsor ads on Search Engine results page: Google Adwords, Bing Ads for Bing and Yahoo) is a quick, cost effective solution, especially for new websites.

Efficient, no-nonsense website design :

Did you know that a website based on fancy animation software (like Flash®) is invisible to search engines?

Active Webmastering :

Does your website have a "daddy"? What do you do when you need changes or maintenance?

Google "All Star Summit" at Google Headquarters
Better My Web won "Google All Star Challenge for Agencies" and participated in All Star Summit at Google Headquartes

What sets us apart from the others?

Many firms that offer similar services are using automatic software, which creates "one size fits all" solutions. Search engines detect these artificial attempts to boost website ratings easily and may ban your website from their search results. Some companies outsource the Search Engine Optimization to contractors in other countries and you may not have anyone to talk to if you need changes. Others are internet / shopping-cart operation only (nobody to talk to) and you should be skeptical before you give them your credit card information.

At Better My Web you are dealing with a local, dedicated experts, and if your business is located in New York City or Long Island area, we are available to work with you personally.